Roy Merriott: Club History

To Teresa Meyer -A little of my history with the K.C.-B.M.W.-Club # 46

My name is Roy Merriott and I joined the Kansas City BMW # 46 club in 1977 along with my wife Beverly. It was a small group of BMW owners and their wives at that time. I think a total membership of about thirty members. Our group had a monthly meeting at the homes of members that would volunteer their home for a meeting place.

Our first rallies were at Milford Lake Res. north of Junction City, Kansas and after a few years of traveling that far and putting up with their lack of facilities, we moved our rally site to Lake Clinton. After a couple of years our rallies got bigger and they would not allow our rallies to consist of more than a total attendance of one hundred so we had to find a new location. Al Glickley, Leland & Slina Prothe and myself volunteered to scout for a new rally site. We looked at several sites that were not suitable, then we went to La Cygne, Kansas and found one of the best rally sites in the country. We instantly feel in love with the new location and we presented it to the club for a unanimous yes vote. I think the year was 1984.

I was voted in as president and my first task was to put on the best rally that we could possibly put on. And with the hard work of Paul Bigler, Al Glickley, Leland & Slina Prothe, Don & Barbara Scott and many other club members we did that very thing. After that first rally at “The Land Of Oz” we had set a precedent and they just got better with time. And there you are twenty years later still doing one of the best rallies in the whole rally chain, and that makes me proud to be a part of that first of many fun filled events.

When I took over as president of our little group of riders, BMW came out with A Grand Slam called the K-Bike. It brought a whole new perspective to the motorcycle buyer. Engle Motor’s was selling more bikes than ever before and with all of the new riders we had prospects for our club membership to expand. So working With Bobbie Bond, Engle’s office manager, I was able to obtain the names of new BMW owner’s and invited them to our club meetings. Within the three years that I was president our little group of thirty, turned out to be well over one hundred strong.

And again I want to say that I am proud to have been a part of the founding group of BMW riders of Kansas City many of which are still riding. Some have passed on, the other’s have taken different paths of life. And after over fifty years of riding motorcycles at age 68 I have retired to Sun City West, Arizona were we still ride 12 months a year, minimum of three days a week, both tour riding BMW’s and off road desert and mountain trail riding other brands. And after all of these years of riding I found out were all the old motorcycles riders go when they get old, because Arizona is like a motorcycle haven full of old motorcycle riders. Keep on riding, age is just a excuse that we don’t believe in, in Arizona.

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