2017 Annual Picnic Location

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    Terry Collins

    Please input your ideas for the 2017 Annual Picnic.

    Terry Collins

    Right now we are taking ideas for the location, dates, and whether camping should be involved.  Make your opinions known!

    One thought was to have a Solar Eclipse Watch Party in Atchison on August 21st as a separate event.  I would suggest this would push the picnic into early September.  There have been suggestions to include camping for those wanting to extend to overnight.  Send me your ideas and thoughts!


    I don’t see a reason to move the picnic location.  It seem to be in a convenient location for all.  Wyandotte County Lake is a beautiful lake and park.

    I think having a watch party is a great idea.  Maybe tie it in with a Ride, Chat and Chew.

    Terry Collins

    On Monday, April 24, 2017, I presented the recommendations of the Picnic Location Committee to the Members at the April Membership Meeting.  We had narrowed the candidate sites to 1) Wyandotte County Lake (immediate past location), 2) Leavenworth River Front Park, and 3) Smithville Campground.  Based on the results of the survey conducted at the March Membership Meeting, we recommended Wyandotte County Lake Park at Noon, Saturday, September 16 0r 23.

    At the April Membership Meeting, persuasive arguments were made by the general membership to shift from Saturday to Sunday and moving the start time to 1:00 pm with the meal at 2:00 pm.  This change was adopted.  The Picnic Location Committee was dissolved.

    Bernie Grossman will be making the arrangements at Wyandotte County Lake Park at the best available date.

    Hope to see everybody there!

    Terry Collins, Picnic Location Committee Chair

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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