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    National Parks Service Challenge

    The intent of the National Park Service Challenge is to be fun and have as many members of the club participate as possible.

    The idea is to ride to places operated by the National Parks Service. There are 5 in Kansas, 6 in Missouri, 2 in Iowa, 5 in Nebraska, 7 in Arkansas and 2 in Oklahoma.

    To qualify someone will need to find 10 places run by the Park Service or all of the listed location in the National Park Index (website below) in 1 State as long as there are at least 5 in that State.

    Some of the places run by the National Parks Service includes:
    • National Parks
    • National Heritage Areas
    • National Wild and Scenic Rivers
    • National Monuments

    If the area is listed here it would qualify: (if link does not work Google National Parks Index)

    The challenge starts on after the annual banquet and will run until October 31st.

    Riders will also be recognized for the following:
    • The rider that finds the most places
    • The rider that visits the most states with a find
    • Possibly others

    Rules (There must be some rules):

    1. You must ride to the location
    2. A photograph of the site visited is required.
    3. You don’t have to post a picture of a sign naming the park. There may be something within the park more interesting. Feel free to post that instead (example: A picture of Custer’s Last Stand Hill is more interesting than sign welcoming you to the Little Bighorn Battlefield).
    4. You are also free to post more than one picture from a location but you get only one credit. Pictures are to be posted to the club’s forums in the clubs NEW WEB PAGE.
    • That forums will have a section for the club challenge.
    • In that section start a thread with your name and post pictures in your own thread
    • Please include information about the picture (Name of park if not evident in the picture, State, anything else you want to share with members)
    5. It is preferred that your bike is in the pictures however some places visited that may not be possible so a picture of some item of riding gear is also acceptable.
    6. Keep your own records. The forums are to make it easier to keep that record and to let others see what is going on.
    7. Send in your record to the score keeper at the completion of the hunt.
    8. If you don’t have access to the internet or don’t want to download pictures to the forum does not disqualify you. Keep your own records and let the score keeper know at the end of the challenge.

    Remember, the idea of the challenge is to ride and have fun and is a challenge to everyone in the club.

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