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    Steel Arch Suspension Bridge, Leavenworth Kansas

    Two Span Steel Arch Suspension Bridge, Leavenworth Centennial Bridge, Leavenworth, Kansas (KS-92/MO-92)

    Steel Truss (Rail) vicinity Farley, MO, Platte River

    The Waddell A-Frame Truss Bridge, English Landing Park, Parkville, MO

    Three Steel Arch (a Through Arch) Bridge, Buck O’Neil Memorial Bridge, Kansas City, MO (HWY 169)

    Steel Truss Double Deck Swing, Missouri River, Kansas City, (Second Hannibal Railroad Bridge)

    Cable-Stayed Suspension Bridge, Senator Kit Bond Bridge, I-35 across the Missouri River at Kansas City, MO

    The A.S.B. Vertical Lift Steel Truss, Missouri Rail Bridge, Kansas City, MO

    Steel Truss Highway Bridge, Intercity viaduct, I-70, Kansas City, Kansas


    Branch Cedar Creek Bridge, Stone Arch, on NE Ohio Road, just off of Scipio Road, Anderson County, KS; built ca. 1920.

    Branch South Fork Pottawotomie Creek Bridge, vicinity Neosho Road and 1550 Road, Anderson County, Kansas; Deck Arch Bridge.  Built ca. 1950.

    Spencer’s Crossing Bridge, Through Truss Bridge, built in 1885 by Wrought Iron Bridge Company of Canton, Ohio.  Bridge is over the Pottawotomie Creek, north of Greeley, in Anderson County, Kansas.  Vicinity 2370 Road and Texas Road.

    BNSF Atchison Swing Bridge Built 1900

    Amelia Earhart Bridge (New) US Highway 59,crossing the Missouri River at Atchison from the Missouri side.  A Network Arch Bridge over the Missouri River.

    St. Joseph Swing Bridge over the Missouri River; Pennsylvania Through Truss Swing Bridge, Union Pacific, Built in 1906.

    Union Pacific Six Span Through Truss Bridge over the Kansas River at Topeka; built in 1903.

    Cross Creek Bridge at 46th Street, Derelict Through Truss Bridge, south of Rossville, KS.  This bridge has no deck.

    Cross Creek Bridge at 42d Street, South of Rossville, KS.  An abandoned Pony Truss Bridge.

    Hendricks Creek Bridge, Fairfield Road, NE of Alma, KS.  Pratt Through Truss Bridge

    Big Slough Creek Bridge, County Road 90, south and west of Oskaloosa, KS.  A Through Truss Bridge built in 1905, closed.

    Delaware River Composite Truss Bridge; Coal Creek Road, Valley Falls, KS.  This bridge was built in 1938.

    Branch Dawson Creek Bridge, Queenpost pony truss bridge, Easton, Leavenworth County, KS.

    Begley Bridge over Stranger Creek, and abandoned Pratt through truss bridge, Leavenworth County, Kansas.

    Baker Bridge over Delaware River a Pratt through truss bridge, vicinity Valley Falls, Jefferson County, KS

    Rock Creek Bridge a Rainbow Arch Bridge, vicinity Meriden, Jefferson County, KS off of KS Highway 4.

    Perry Bridge a through truss bridge across the Delaware River south of Perry, Jefferson County, Kansas; old Hwy 24, built in 1926.

    Union Pacific Delaware River Bridge, a two-span skewed through truss railroad bridge built in 1905, south of Perry, Jefferson County, Kansas.  “Selfie” photo from the Perry Bridge.

    Union Pacific Stranger Creek Bridge, a through truss bridge, Linwood, Leavenworth, KS; built 1905.

    Wood laminated pedestrian arch bridge, Shadow Glen Golf Course, South Cedar Niles Road, Johnson County, KS.

    Asylum Bridge across the Marais des Cygnes River, Osawatomie, Miami County, KS;  a reverse Parker through truss bridge, built 1905.

    Pottawatomie Creek Bridge on Old K-7 in Osawatomie, Miami County, Kansas.  It is a three span through arch bridge, built in 1932.

    Creamery Bridge, a three span Marsh Arch Bridge on 8th Street across the Marais des Cygnes River, Osawatomie, Miami County, Kansas; built in 1930.

    Wooden plank bridge on Graham Road, one mile north of Highway 159, Atchison County, KS.

    Old Jefferson Town Bowstring Bridge, Oskaloosa, Jefferson County, KS just off of US Hwy 59.  This bridge is on the National Historic Register of Places since 1990.

    Covered bridge on driveway off of N1000 Road, Douglas County, KS.

    Stone Arch Bridge over Chicken Creek, E850 Road, south and east of Lone Star, Kansas (Douglas County).  This bridge was built in 1913; it is pedestrian only now due to its replacement having gone into service.

    An abandoned Pony plate girder Union Pacific bridge built in 1902 and crosses Stranger Creek in Leavenworth County, Kansas north and east of Tonganoxie.

    Blue Ridge Bridge, Stone Arch, E. Truman Road, Missouri Highway 12, between Kansas City and Independence, Jackson County, Missouri.  Built in 1906.

    Wooden trestle Union Pacific railroad bridge over Illinois Creek Road, Waubansee County, west of Alma, KS.

    Queenpost truss bridge with wooden deck on Bunnytrail Road over the West Branch of Mill Creek, Waubansee County, 2.7 miles west of Volland, KS.

    Cedar Point Bridge, a through truss bridge over the Cottonwood River, west of Cedar Point, Chase County, Kansas, just south of US Highway 50.  It was built in 1916 by the Missouri Valley Bridge and Iron Company of Leavenworth, Kansas.

    Clements Stone Arch Bridge, a 2-span arch bridge over the Cottonwood River, just south of Clements, Chase County, Kansas, off of US Highway 50.  Built in 1886.  This bridge is closed to vehicle traffic.

    Wea Creek Bridge is a relocated bridge; it was originally in Miami County, KS, but was later moved to Topeka, Shawnee County,  Kansas.  This is a bowstring arch bridge built in 1870 by the Buckeye Bridge Works of Cleveland, Ohio.  This bridge is on the grounds of the Kansas State Historical Society Museum.

    Royal Gorge Bridge Suspension Bridge over the Arkansas River west of Canon City, Colorado.  Built in 1929.  Bridge is on the National Historic Register of Historic Places.  Total Length = 1260 feet long.


    Fourth Street Bridge, Fremont County, Canon City, Colorado.  A Through Truss Bridge spanning the Arkansas River.  Bridge was built in 1891; it is on the National Historic Register of Places.

    Union Pacific Railroad Badger Creek  Bridge, Fremont County, Colorado just north of US Highway 50 to the west of Canon City, Colorado.  Bridge is a 5-Panel, Riveted, Pratt Through Truss  bridge.

    San Louis & Rio Grande Scenic Railroad Bridge; Pratt Through Truss bridge over the North Branch of the Conejos River, Conejos County, Colorado.

    Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, a cantilever deck truss bridge over the Rio Grande River on US Highway 64, Taos County, New Mexico.  Longest Span = 600.1 feet; Total Length = 1,280.9 feet.

    Samson of the Cimarron; Union Pacific Railroad bridge to the north of US Highway 54 east of Liberal, Seward County, KS.  Bridge was built in 1939 by the Rock Island and Pacific Railroad; the bridge is 1,269 feet long.

    Cottonwood Falls Bridge, Cottonwood Falls, Chase County, Kansas.  Bridge is a three-span, concrete arch bridge; open to pedestrians only.  Bridge was built in 1914, and it is on the National Historic Register.

    The Admire Memorial Bridge is 1/2 mile west of Admire, Lyon County, Kansas west of Kansas Highway 99.  This is a stone arch bridge crossing Hill Creek.  This bridge is on the National Bridge Inventory.

    Liberty Bridge is near Sugar Creek, Jackson County, Missouri on Missouri Highway 291.  Bridges are a pair of Truss bridges; northbound lane bridge was built in 1949; the southbound lane bridge was built in 1996.

    Union Covered Bridge is located at the Union Bridge State Historical Site, west of Paris, Monroe County, Missouri.  the Union Bridge is a covered, double Burr arch truss.  Bridge covers the Elk Fork of the Salt River on Route C.  It was built in 1870-71; currently it is undergoing a restoration.

    Roseman Covered Bridge, Madison County, Iowa, Built in 1883; spans the Middle River.

    Hogback Covered Bridge, Madison County, Iowa; Built in 1884.

    Cutler-Donahue Covered Bridge, Winterset, Madison County, Iowa.  Built in 1871, Relocated to Winterset City Park in 1970.

    Cutler-Donahue Stone Arch Bridge, Winterset City Park, Winterset, Iowa.  Pedestrian Bridge.

    Holliwell Covered Bridge, Madison County, Iowa.  Built in 1880.

    Mystery Bridge:  A Bridge Over Nothing; A Bridge to Nowhere; Madison County, Iowa.  A Pony Truss Bridge.

    Imes Covered Bridge, St. Charles, Madison County, Iowa.  Built in 1870.

    Center Street Bridge; A Steel Through Arch Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge over the Des Moines River, Des Moines, Iowa.  Built in 2010.

    Adel Rail Bridge, Pratt Pony Truss Bridge, Raccoon River Valley Trail, Perry, Dallas County, Iowa.  Built 1889, Re-located 1949.

    Raccoon River Bridge, Raccoon River Valley Trail, Former Highway Bridge, Warren Pony Truss, Built in 1913; Perry, Dallas County, Iowa.

    Whiterock Resort Bridge, a Pony Truss Bridge, just off of Iowa Highway 141, Guthrie County, Iowa.

    Burlington Northern Santa Fe Rush Creek Bridge, Platte County, Missouri.  Pony/Through Plate Girder Bridge.

    Bee Creek Bridge a Pony Truss Bridge spanning Bee Creek.  It was built about 1940.  Platte County, Missouri.

    Abandoned bridge in Iatan, Missouri off of Missouri Highway 45.

    Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Trestle Bridge adjacent to Missouri Highway 45 just south of Iatan, MO.

    Burlington Northern Santa Fe Short Creek Bridge a Pony/Through Plate Girder Bridge just to the north of Iatan, MO adjacent to Missouri Highway 45.

    An aggregate conveyor belt and pedestrian bridge adjacent to Missouri Highway 371, Platte County, Missouri.

    Interurban Road Todd Creek Bridge a concrete Luten Arch bridge.  Construction began in 1911 and opened in 1913.

    Branch Delaware River Bridge on County Road 206, Jackson County, Kansas.  This is a King Post Pony Truss Bridge over a one branch of the Delaware River.  It was built in 1909.

    Union Pacific Vermillion River Bridge, a six-panel, riveted, Warren through truss railroad bridge in the vicinity of Kansas Highway 99 at Frankfort, Kansas.

    Ackerman Creek – Tumbleweed Road Bridge, 1.5 miles west of Vliets, Kansas.  This bridge was built around 1930; it is a four-pane, Pratt, riveted Pony Truss bridge.  It has a wood deck and a 3-ton load limit — it works great for a motorcycle!

    Day Road Bridge is a Stone Arch Bridge over a branch of the Vermillion River.  It was built around 1915.  It is south and east of Onaga, Kansas.

    The James Creek Bridge, vicinity J Road and 124th Road, Jackson County, Kansas is a derelict 3-panel, pinned Warren Pony Truss Bridge which was built in 1878.  It was built by the Milwaukee Bridge and Iron Works.  It is at the end of an ever narrowing gravel and then dirt road.  Road is quite traffic able in dry weather.  (It is probably not somewhere anyone would want to ride alone in the mud.)

    Union Pacific Railroad 3-span lattice through truss bridge over the Big Blue River in Manhattan, Kansas.

    Wolf Creek Bridge is a Warren Pony Truss Bridge which formerly crossed Wolf Creek.  It is currently located in a farm field adjacent to its original location vicinity Oregon and Shawnee Roads, in Franklin County, KS not far from LeLoup, KS.

    Carey’s Ford Bridge, a Through Truss Bridge in Miami County, KS is on 335th Road.  This bridge crosses the Marais Des Cynges River.  It was built in 1909; it has a wood deck, and it is still open to traffic.

    Coal Creek Bridge is a Pony Truss Bridge just south of Kansas Highway 116, 4 miles east of Arrington, Kansas in Atchison County.

    Hoosier Creek Bridge is a Pony Truss bridge crossing a dirt county road in Richardson County, Nebraska.  It was built in 1935.

    Jimmy’s Bridge is abandoned; it is a bowstring pony truss bridge that crosses Cottier Creek.  It has no bridge deck, and the road is no longer aligned with the bridge.

    Cottonwood Creek Bridge is a through truss bridge in Doniphan County, Kansas.  It was built before 1900.  It is still open to traffic, but it sits on a limited-maintenance dirt road.

    Branch Peters Creek Bridge and Pony Truss bridge north and east of Troy, KS.

    Branch Missouri River Bridge is a low-water crossing to the north and the east of Troy.

    US Highway 36 bridge crossing the Mississippi River at Hannibal, Missouri.

    Rail Lift Bridge on the Mississippi River at Hannibal, Missouri.

    US Highway 24 West suspension bridge crossing the Mississippi River at Quincy, IL.

    US 24 East Through Truss Bridge crossing the Mississippi River at Quincy, IL.

    Railroad Through Truss Swing Bridge and barge lock on the Mississippi River at Keokuk, Iowa.

    Burlington Northern Santa Fe Through Truss Swing Bridge crossing the Mississippi River at Fort Madison, Illinois.  This bridge is a double-decker with rail line on the bottom deck and highway vehicles on the top deck.

    Steel Suspension bridge, US Highway 34 crossing the Mississippi River at Burlington, Iowa.

    Burlington Northern Santa Fe Through Truss Lift Bridge crossing the Mississippi River in Burlington, Iowa.

    Steel Through Truss highway bridge across the Mississippi River at Muscatine, Iowa.

    Pine Creek Pratt Through Truss Bridge at the Pine Creek Mill Park in Iowa.

    Steel Through Truss Bridge on I-280 crossing of the Mississippi River outside of Rock Island, IL.

    Centennial Bridge, a five arch steel suspension bridge across the Mississippi River at Rock Island, IL.

    “Government Bridge,” a double-decked rail and road through truss and swing bridge built in 1895 to enable travel across the Mississippi River from Davenport, Iowa to Rock Island Arsenal, IL.  This picture is taken from the Illinois side of the river.

    Steel Truss Rail Bridge over Bridge Road in East Davenport Village, Iowa.

    I-74/US-6 steel suspension bridge across the Mississippi River at Bettendorf, Iowa.

    Steel suspension bridge, US Highway 30 crossing the Mississippi River at Clinton, Iowa.

    Steel through Truss bridge crossing Iowa Highway 136 across the Mississippi River at Clinton, Iowa.

    US Highway 52 steel arch suspension bridge across the Mississippi River taken from Savanna, Illinois side of the river.

    Steel arch pedestrian bridge across the Galena River in Galena, Illinois.  Galena, Illinois was the home of General and later President U.S. Grant.  Galena is a green, clean, neatly groomed, and well maintained town.  Its National Historic District is very charming.

    Steel arch suspension highway bridge, crossing US Highway 20 across the Mississippi River at Dubuque, Iowa.

    Steel arch suspension bridge on US Highway 61/151 coming from Dubuque and entering into Wisconsin.  Taken from the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi River.

    A steel truss undergirded bridge crossing one of the Missouri River’s lakes off of the main channel on US Highway 35 and Highway 82, DeSoto, Wisconsin to Lansing Iowa.  This photo was taken from Wisconsin.

    Steel Truss Bridge on Highway 82 crossing the main channel of the Mississippi River between DeSoto, Wisconsin and Lansing, Iowa. This bridge is a great motorcycle riding bridge it has a relatively steep incline on and off the bridge and it has every rider’s favorite decking, an open steel, grated deck!  That deck could only be better in the rain or ice.  This photo is taken from the Wisconsin side of the river.

    Steel railroad bridge adjacent to US Highway 26 where it crosses the Root River north of New Albin, Iowa, but inside Minnesota.

    Two steel bridges:  one a steel arch suspension bridge, and the second a steel through truss bridge, each takes one way traffic on Highway 16 across the Mississippi River at Lacrosse, Wisconsin.

    Steel truss bridge on Highway 35 across the main channel of the Mississippi River at Winona, Minnesota.  This bridge is undergoing major maintenance work.

    Steel Arch Truss bridge crossing the Mississippi at Wabasha, Minnesota.

    Highway 63, steel through truss bridge across the Mississippi River at Red Wing, Minnesota.

    Covered Bridge at Covered Bridge Park, off of Minnesota Highway 58/Main Street, Zambrota, Minnesota.


    Doniphan County Waddell “A” Truss Bridge.  This is the only remaining Waddell “A” Truss bridge within the State of Kansas.  It is located within the Troy Community Park, Troy, Kansas in Doniphan County.

    This is 200th Street Bridge in Brown County, Kansas.  It is a Pratt Pony Truss Bridge.






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    Heard about this last night at the meeting.  Glad I looked.  Thank you.


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