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    Karen Mans

    7 January to 30 November 2018

    Object is for riders to get out and ride their motorcycles in order to find the most different bridges and types of bridges.  There is a limitation of one (1) “simple span,” one (1) “rigid frame,” one (1) “orthotropic beam,” and one (1) “beam and girder” bridge, which are your most common highway bridges found on Interstate, county, city, and state highways.  No culverts; they are unacceptable regardless of their construction material or design.

    You may find pedestrian, highway, or railroad bridges:

    •  Wooden covered bridges (must be wooden and over 75 years old)
    • Arch Bridges
    • Suspension Bridges
    • Cantilever Bridges
    • Truss Bridges
    • Aqueducts (must be, or was, a water-bearing bridge)
    • Pontoon Bridges
    • Ribbon Bridges
    • Moveable Bridges
    • Draw Bridges
    • Vertical Lift Bridges
    • Pivot Bridges
    • Wooden Trestles
    • Moon Bridges
    • Clapper Bridges
    • Cavity Wall Bridges

    Finalist Criteria:

    • Member finding the most bridges.
    • Member finding bridges in the most states.
    • Members finding 35 different bridges.

    Note:  Riders must take a photograph of the bridge, and within the photograph, riders must include their motorcycle.  If you cannot ride the motorcycle into the vicinity of the bridge, then you must have a photograph with your helmet, or with you with your “riding gear” in the photo of the bridge.  It is NOT acceptable to drive in an automobile, or other conveyance, to the bridge.  Riders will identify their bridges by location (vicinity:  city, state, and highway) of the bridge in the photograph, and they will post their photos to the Club’s website.  Contest time frame:  7 January to 30 November 2018.

    To post photos:  Go back to ‘2018 Club Ride Challenge – Bridges’ and Add a new ‘Topic’, with you name, add photo (s) in the body, post. You can return to your topic and Edit to add more photos.

    You may find illustrations of all of these types of bridges by typing in “Types of Bridges” into your browser.

    Michael J Mans

    Check out for easy access to a lot of sites and trip planning.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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