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    Karen Mans

    My photos are going to look a lot like Eddie’s from his post about this same ride.

    Eddie called on Thur and said, “I’m going to take off about noon tomorrow (Fri) and head down into Arkansas. Want to ride?” Me: “Yes!”

    Riding with Eddie is easy because he always has a plan, knows where he is, and knows where he is going. He also knows just about every little detail about every mill, battlefield, river, and most of the towns! I’ve said this before to folks, but riding with Eddie is like riding with a personal guide and docent. (Just don’t ask to share a hotel room with him!)

    Onto the challenge points!

    Pea Ridge National Military Park

    We rolled into the park on March 4th, which turned out to be an important anniversary day in 1862. There were ceremonies and demonstrations going on.

    The destination for this day would be Fort Smith, AR. We did not take the easy, fast route! We hit some really great roads–pavement, gravel, dirt 2 tracks. We cut through America’s first National River — the very scenic Buffalo National River. Here is a photo from the area.

    Buffalo National River area

    After that photo was taken, we headed up the road to the famous Whitaker Point–also known as Hawksbill Crag, and is the “most photographed place in Arkansas”. We did not actually see the point, which requires about a 3 mile easy round-trip hike. What we did see were about 100 vehicles crammed along the trail head. Wow! The great “winter” weather had a lot of folks outside!

    We found forest road 1410 that took us down, down, down an ever rougher “road” until we came to the Buffalo Creek–feeds into the Buffalo River. The water was a bit deeper than the previous times I had crossed here. We must have been too scared to take video, but I sure wish we had. šŸ™

    OK…let’s hurry up and wrap this thing up….you guys just need to see National Park photos….

    More great roads. Pie & coffee at the famous Oark Cafe. A cruise West along what is easily one of the most beautiful stretches of road in the country–Highway 215 along the Mulberry River between Hwy 103 & 23.

    From there we jumped into the vast forest around White Rock Mtn. We found a remote, rugged logging road that probably had us breaking the “don’t ride down something you can’t ride back up” rule, but….this was an “adventure”!

    We exited the White Rock Mtn area via the infamous Warloop Rd, part of the TAT.

    A few more miles of pavement had us in Fort Smith, AR.

    Fort Smith National Historic Site

    It was raining a tiny bit when we woke up Sun morning, and the forecast in the area was calling for more rain. Further N, however, it should be dry, and that was where we needed to go. In fact, by the fastest route, we were 300 miles from home. Of course we would NOT be taking the fastest, easiest route! So we had some miles to go!

    Once in Kansas….

    Fort Scott National Historic Site

    My trip odo told me about 730 miles total. Good times!

    The album




    First two pictures are not showing up for me.

    Looks like a cool trip.

    Karen Mans

    Thanks for letting me know. I had to use a browser where I’m not logged into my Google account to see the problem. Oddly, once I fixed the first 2, the others stopped showing. This leaves me wondering if the links I’m using are temporary. Thanks for making it hard to share photo links, Google Photos. šŸ™

    Also noticed this forum system does not allow you to simply insert an image URL for photos. You can easily upload, but you can’t easily share hosted images. I did it by going into Text mode and creating <img src=”http://your_url_here&#8221; /> tags, but most folks would not know how to do that.

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