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    This is a test post with a photo.

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    Somewhere in Colorado 2 days ago.

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    Thanks for letting me know. I had to use a browser where I’m not logged into my Google account to see the problem. Oddly, once I fixed the first 2, the others stopped showing. This leaves me wondering if the links I’m using are temporary. Thanks for making it hard to share photo links, Google Photos. 🙁

    Also noticed this forum system does not allow you to simply insert an image URL for photos. You can easily upload, but you can’t easily share hosted images. I did it by going into Text mode and creating <img src=”http://your_url_here&#8221; /> tags, but most folks would not know how to do that.

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    This tire repair was on Arkansas’ infamous Warloop Rd before heading down the gnarly part. In the middle of that mess, we came across 3 college guys crawling down in a newer 4WD pickup. We stopped to talk for a bit. Eddie was on his 1200GSA while I was on my F800GS. One of the guys said,

    “Those are some badass bikes!”

    Yes. Yes they are. 🙂


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    Hey, Don! The map link does not work.

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    The one in Wichita was the “Castle Inn Riverside” for many years–a bed & breakfast. I lived 1.5 blocks from it for 10 years. I used to moonlight doing computer & network support, and the castle was a client of mine.

    If you go to the castle, be sure to also stop and take in the Keeper of the Plains, which is just a mile away.



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    I took this somewhere a bit NE of Eminence, MO this past Friday. This is where the planned route failed us causing a reroute to get across the river.


    The track on the right ended at a close gate with a sign reading “All land above the river is private property”.


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    Thanks, Eddie!

    Yeah, it has been a labor of love, and I couldn’t have gotten the site whipped into shape without Karen. She OWNED this project.


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